Read Ezekiel (NLT)

      Although Ezekiel's visions and prophecies were clear and vivid, very little is known about the prophet's personal life. He was among the thousands of young men deported from Judah to Babylon, when King Jehoiachin surrendered. Until those tragic...

Read Jeremiah (NLT)

      Endurance is not a common quality. Many people lack the long-term commitment; caring and willingness that are vital to sticking with a task against all odds. But Jeremiah was a prophet who endured.

       Jeremiah's call by God te...

Read 2 Kings 19:2 - 20:19(NLT)

          Trees and prophets share at least one important characteristic - both are planted for the future. Yet seedlings are often overlooked and prophets often ignored. Isiah is one of the best examples of this. The people of his time co...

Read the story of Job: (NLT)

       Children never tire of asking why. Yet the question produces a bitter taste the older we get. Children wonder about everything; adults wonder about suffering. We notice that the world seems to run by a system of cause and effect, yet...

Read about Haman in the book of Esther (NLT)

      The most arrogant people are often those who must measure their self-worth by the power or influence they think they have over others. Haman was an extremely arrogant leader. He recognized the king as his superior but c...

Read the book of Esther (NLT)

        We treasure security, even though we know that security in this life carries no guarantees -- possessions can be destroyed, beauty fades, relationships can be broken, death is inevitable. Real security, then, must be found beyond th...

     Read his story in the book of Esther (NLT)

     Following Jerusalem's last stand against Nebuchadnezzar, Mordecai's family was deported to Babylonia. He was probably born in Susa, a city that became one of Persia's capitals after Cyrus conquered Babylon,...

           Well it's summertime in Florida, always a somewhat mixed blessing. But it's a great time for lighter meals and tasty salads of all kinds. Here is one of my favorites. It's both easy and inexpensive - always a good combination.


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