Read Ezra 7:1 - 10:16 and Nehemiah 8:1-12:36 (NLT)

It is not personal achievement but personal commitment to live for God that is important. Achievements are simply examples of what God can do through someone's life. The most effective leaders spoken of in the Bible had...

Read Nehemiah (NLT)

         God is in the business of working through his people to accomplish seemingly impossible tasks. God often shapes people with personality characteristics, experiences, and training that prepare them for his purpose, and usually the people have...

Read 2 Kings 16:20 - 20:21; 2 Chronicles 28:27- 32:33 and Isaiah 36:1-39:8 (NLT)

The past is an important part of today"s actions and tomorrow's plans. The people and kings of Judah had a rich past, filled with God's action, guidance, and commands. But with each passing...

Read 1 Samuel 9-31 (NLT)

       First impressions can be deceiving, especially when the image by a person's appearance is contradicted by his or her qualities and abilities. Saul presented the ideal visual image of a king, but the tendencies of his character often went...

Read 1 Kings 11:43 - 14:31 and 2 Chronicles 9:31 - 13:7 (NLT)

Settling for cheap imitations in exchange for the real thing is a poor way to live. In every area of his life, Rehoboam consistently traded away what was real for what was counterfeit. Given wise and unwise c...

Read 1 Kings 19:16 - 2 Kings 10:36 (NLT)

   Jehu had the basic qualities that could have made him a great success. from a human perspective, in Fact, he was a successful king. His family ruled the northern kingdom longer than any other. he was used by God as an instrume...

Read Genesis 25-36. (NLT) Esau

   Common sense isn't all that common. In fact, the common thread in many decisions is that they don't make sense. Esau's life was filled with choices he must have regretted bitterly. He appears to have been a person who found it hard to c...

Job 36:25 "Look, God is exalted beyond what we can understand. His years are without number." (NLT)

One thing in poetic literature of the Bible is that God is incomprehensible. We cannot know him completely. We can have some knowledge about him, for the Bible is full of...

Read 1 Kings 19:16 - 2 Kings 13>20 (NLT)

Elisha: Few "replacements" in Scripture were as effective as Elisha, who was Elijah's replacement as God's prophet to Israel. But Elisha had a great example to follow in the prophet Elijah. He remained with Elijah until the last...

Praise in the book of Psalms: Most of the psalms are prayers, and most of the prayers include praise to God. Praise expresses admiration, appreciation, and thanks. Praise in the book of Psalms is often directed to God, and just as often the praise is shared with others...

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